We are committed to supporting local organizations and would love to be able to accommodate every local nonprofit cause; however, due to the overwhelming volume of requests, it is just not possible.

Therefore, we follow a set of guidelines for evaluation of all applications.

  1. Please fill out our donation request form with DONATIONS in the subject line. Please include information regarding the project, how the proceeds will be used, other sponsors involved and contact information. Requests made in the dining room, mailed paper requests or phone calls will not be considered.
  2. The application should be emailed at least 30 days prior to the event. The earlier the better as 1) we cannot donate to multiple requests from the same organization and 2) due to the limited donation budget.
  3. We limit our charity to organizations vs. individuals. Unfortunately, past support does not guarantee future support as it is dependent upon the order in which applications are received.
  4. A copy of the 501c3 status (letter from the IRS) must be included in order to be considered.

Once the application and accompanying paperwork is reviewed, a response can be expected via email within 30 days.

Thank you!